Enphase EPLC-01


Enphase EPLC-01, Envoy Gateway Power-Line Ethernet Bridge (Qty. 2)

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The Enphase Powerline Carrier¬†is an Ethernet bridge that utilizes your structure’s AC electrical lines in place of an ethernet cable to connect Enphase Ethernet devices to your network router. Being compatible with the Enphase Envoy Communication Gateway, the Enphase Powerline Carrier is particularly useful when your gateway is places at a distance from your network router, and when wiring an Ethernet cable is impractical.

The Enphase Powerline Carrier is compatible with standard AC outlets, and (aside from a power source) requires no additional wiring while transmitting data. Simply plug the Enphase Powerline Carrier into your AC outlet, connect it to your Enphase Envoy using an Ethernet cord, plug your other Powerline Carrier into an AC outlet next to your router and connect it to your router.

Please note that Enphase has been shipping TP-Link AV200 Ethernet-Over-Powerline units instead of Enphase-branded units. Functionally these are identical.



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