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Fronius Ambient Temperature Sensor


Fronius sensor ambient temperature, 43,0001,1188

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The Ambient Temperature Sensor measures the air temperature for use with the Fronius Sensor Card / Box and the Datamanager. Due to its large temperature range the ambient temperature sensor is suited for measuring outside temperature as well as room temperature.


Technical data
Measuring range-40°C to +180°C
Accuracy±0.8°C (in the range -40°C to 100°C)
DesignSensor in a cylindrical housing of stainless steel
DimensionsLength 50 mm, Ø 6 mm
Cable3 m Cu-cable; 2 x 0.5 mm, silicon isolated,
ferrules, UV-resistant
Max. cable length
(distance: Sensor Card/Box – sensor)
20 m

Mounting tip: For this sensor, there is no special mounting construction. The ambient temperature sensor can e.g. simply be placed under the pv-modules.



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