Fronius Module Temperature Sensor


Fronius sensor module temperature, 43,0001,1190

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In general this sensor measures the temperature on surfaces. By fixing the sensor on the back side of the PV module, the module temperature can be measured. The Module Temperature Sensor is for use with the Fronius Sensor Card / Box and the Datamanager.

The temperature of the PV module has a large effect on the module power output. Monitoring module temperature helps to determine if the modules are producing properly.


Technical data
Sensor PT1000
Measuring range -20°C to +150°C
Accuracy ±0.8°C (in the range -20°C to 100°C)
Design Sensor on an adhesive film for measurement
on sheets
Dimensions 50 x 100 mm
Cable 3 m  Cu-cable;  silicon isolated,
ferrules, UV-resistant
Max. cable length
(distance Sensor Card/Box – sensor)
20 m

Mounting tip: It is recommended to fix the sensor and the cable with an additional adhesive tape.

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