Fronius Inverters

Fronius is the grand-daddy of inverters: Founded in 1945, they have been making power electronics in one form or another ever since 1955, and solar inverters since 1995. Their headquarters are based in Austria, with other production and office locations all over the world, including Mississauga, Ontario.

Fronius recently refreshed their product line with the arrival of the Galvo, Primo, and Symo inverter lines. Because they install by dropping the inverter compartment onto a connection box, they also go under the “SnapINverter” name. These introduce multiple independent MPPT inputs per inverter, and a number of 3-phase 208/480 Volt models. The new models also introduce 1000 Volt DC strings (though the Galvo and Primo can also be used for regular residential 600 Volt strings). The somewhat older IG-Plus line is still going strong, in particular if you have a single uncomplicated 10kW array.

Monitoring is available through Fronius’ own ‘Solar.Web’ site. Setup of monitoring is a breeze with their phone and tablet app.

Solacity is a stocking distributor of Fronius inverters, and we can help you in selecting the proper product for your application. Standard inverter warranty is 10 years, with optional 20 year warranties available as well.

Fronius Primp inverter