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DISCONTINUED: KACO Blueplanet Watchdog, K Dog

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Residential installers will love the integrated monitoring feature. The KACO watchDOG is coupled with an embedded digital control
processor created by KACO for the blueplanet 02xi series inverters. The KACO watchDOG is a powerful monitoring tool that will
accurately and reliably gather the most pertinent data about your PV system. Now it’s even easier to know that your PV system is operating at it’s optimum level. The KACO watchDOG decreases costs and increases reliability to give you the most innovative monitoring solution in the solar marketplace.

The KACO watchDOG monitors PV system performance from inside the inverter. All that is needed is an active Ethernet internet
connection. Through the KACO blueplanet web portal you will be able to remotely view your current production, historical production data and production trends. With the Professional Monitoring Package, your status alarms can be configured to email you the moment that a problem arises. This will help to maximize system uptime, overall performance and increase savings.

Up to three inverters can be wired together via RS-485 to one watchDOG enabled inverter.


  • Easy field installation inside the inverter
  • No need for an external power supply
  • Data collection for up to three inverters
  • Technical assistance via telephone 9 – 5 Monday through Friday
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