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DISCONTINUED: KACO Temperature & Irradiance Sensor, KPT SI 12 TC T

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Kaco Irradiance Sensor with Temperature Sensor is used for professional monitoring of a photovoltaic system. The measured irradiance can be used to determine the expected yield of a photovoltaic system, which can then be compared with the actual yield.

The short-circuit current of a silicone solar cell is proportional to the solar irradiance. The Si-12TC sensors use a monocrystalline solar cell (from the Schott Solar company), which is operated by a lowimpedance resistor in the short circuit. All sensors are equipped with active temperature compensation. This means that the measurement

accuracy is increased with the help of a special temperature sensor which is laminated to the rear of the solar cell. Each individual sensor is calibrated using a pyranometer, which is calibrated regularly.

The solar cell is embedded in ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) between  the glass and a layer of Tedlar. The laminated cell is integrated into a housing made of powder-coated aluminium. The Si sensor design therefore corresponds to that of a PV module. The electrical connection is established via a UV-resistant cable.

In addition to measuring the radiation, the Si-12TC-T sensors also allow measurement of the solar cell temperature. This measurement is made by a temperature sensor that is directly laminated to the cell.

This sensor connects to a KACO ProLog datalogger.

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