Kinetic Solar KHMNSx-MA


Kinetic micro-inverter mounting kit, short & long versions, side-of-rail mounted, KHMNx-MA (each)

The Kinetic micro-inverter mounting kit for Rapid Rail. This clicks into the side of Kinetic’s Rapid rails to hold a micro-inverter. For most micro-inverters two of these mounting kits are needed.

The micro-inverter mounting kit places the micro-inverter  a little lower vs. when the top-of-rail accessory clamp (KHRAC-MA) is used, giving a little more clearance between solar panel and the micro-inverter. Either one can be used to clamp a micro-inverter or other accessory to the Kinetic rail.

There are two versions: A short and long micro-inverter mounting kit.

The lip of the short micro-inverter mounting kit, KHMNS-MA, is 2″ long.
The lip of the long micro-inverter mounting kit, KHMNSL-MA, is 2.5″ long.



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