Littelfuse 02980900TXN

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DISCONTINUED: Littelfuse 02980900TXN, bolt-down MEGA fuse holder, 40 – 500A, with cover

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The Littelfuse 02980900TXN bolt-down fuse holder works with MEGA fuses up to 500 amps. It is ideal for battery and alternator connections as well as other heavy gauge cables requiring ultra high current protection. This fuse holder includes a protective cover and features interconnecting pins on side of fuse block for secure multiple block configurations. M8 threaded studs and hex nuts with lock washers are used to secure the fuse.

We also stock the MEGA fuses that fit this fuse holder.


  • Interlocking pins for connecting multiple blocks to fit your application
  • Includes M8 hex nuts and lock washers
  • Uses MEGA fuses for protection between 40A and 500A
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