Littelfuse JLLN300


Littelfuse JLLN300, 300A, 300V AC, 125V DC, class T fuse (bolts directly to battery terminal)

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The Littelfuse class-T fuses are an easy way to provide protection for your batteries against dangerous short-circuits. Their DC Voltage rating, and high-current handling capability makes them ideal for the job. These fuses are large enough that they can bolted directly to the positive terminal of the battery bank, without the need for a fuse holder. All other wiring (to the inverter, charge controller etc.) then goes to the other side of the fuse. In case of a short in the wiring it will blow the fuse, rather than causing a fire.

The JLLN300 fuse is rated at 300 Amp, good for up to a 2,000 Watt inverter at 12 Volt, or up to a 3,500 Watt inverter at 24 Volt.


  • 125 Volt DC and 300 Volt AC rated
  • Compact size, and fast-acting
  • Reliable interruption of overcurrents up to 20,000 Amp DC & 200,000 Amp AC!
  • UL & CSA listed



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