Lux Power LXP6K


Lux Power LXP6K (SNA-US 6000), All-In-One 6kW pure-sine inverter, off-grid only, 48V DC in, 240 VAC split-phase out, 8kW 2-MPPT PV Charger, 140A charger, CSA-listed, 3-year warranty

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The Lux Power (or LuxPower) LXP6K (also going as type SNA-US 6000) is a 6kW All-In-One off-grid inverter. It is the (much) smaller brother of the Lux Power 12K, though please note that the 6K can only be used as an off-grid inverter, it cannot feed back to the grid. The grid can be used as a ‘generator’ to charge batteries and feed-through. It makes a great off-grid system though, or an Uninterruptable Power Supply for those on the grid that need reliable power even when the grid goes out.

8,000 Watt of Solar PV can be connected to charge the batteries, and/or export to the grid. The Lux Power inverter has two independent MPPT inputs (17A/17A max. each), each allowing a wide Voltage range of 100 – 480 Volt (120 – 385 Volt MPPT range). The high-Voltage inputs allow for long PV strings, making it simpler to install solar PV.

The inverter section in the Lux Power 6K can produce 6000 Watt @ 240 Volt split-phase continously. It will do twice rated for 25 seconds. A 60 Amp transfer-relay is build into the unit.

The Lux Power 6K is great in combination with Volthium’s rack-mount lithium-ion batteries to make a code-compliant off-grid system!

Up to 16 Lux Power 6K inverters can be stacked as a 240V split-phase system (96kW total), using a single battery bank.

While Lux Power is made in China, warranty and support are with a Canadian company (Volthium, same as the lithium-ion battery manufacturer). Warranty for this inverter is 3 years.

It meets all the grid-tie regulations and requirements for a code-compliant installation: UL/CSA-listing for the USA and Canada, the solar PV input includes AFCI and GFCI, minimizing the need for additional equipment. This means Lux Power can be used to pass ESA inspection (for Ontario).


  • 48 Volt battery bank
  • Can be installed outdoors
  • Cell phone app for monitoring
  • Build-in 200A DC battery breaker
  • 140 Amp battery charger from AC & solar PV
  • Up to 480 Volt DC double-MPPT for solar PV
  • Works with lithium-ion or lead-acid/AGM batteries
  • 6000 Watt continuous AC output, 12kW for 25 seconds
  • 60 Amp 240V split-phase pass-through capable
  • Integrated relay for automatic-generator-start (AGS) functionality
  • UL & CSA-listed
  • 3-year warranty
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