Magnum ME-RC50-L


Magnum ME-RC50-L remote control, digital LCD display, includes 50 foot communication cable

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The Magnum ME-RC-L remote control provides a precise and reliable monitoring interface for your inverter and/or charge controller. Designed to be simple to use while offering full menu features, the ME-RC remote is a highly intuitive device.

The remote features an easy-to-read LCD screen, soft key push buttons, and a rotary encoder for easy configuration of the adjustable settings. Multi-functional settings include shore power breaker settings, inverter/charger controls, and Automatic Generator Start (AGS) menus. The shore power feature is compatible with a wide range of systems, offering an input range of 5 to 60 amps.

Either an ME-RC50 or ME-ARC50 is required with an MS-series inverter.

Includes 50 foot communication cable.

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