Magnum ME-RTR


Clearance: Magnum Energy ME-RTR, Router, required for parallel stacking of Magnum MS-PAE inverters

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The ME-RTR, or “router” provides parallel capability for the MS-PAE Series inverters and includes many of the same features as the ME-ARC50 advanced remote control.

The router is designed with a user-friendly LCD display and rotary SELECT knob that allows all connected MS-PAE series inverter/chargers to be programmed in sync without the need to program each inverter separately. The router will accommodate up to four MSPAE inverter/chargers in parallel plus accessories.

The ME-RTR has the same functionality as the newer ME-ARTR, except for separate PT-100 charge controller setup. If you don’t have a PT-100 in your system the ME-RTR will work fine to stack inverters.



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