Magnum ME-SBC-R


Magnum Energy ME-SBC-R, Smart Battery Combiner, isolates & combines 2 battery banks for charging, 12/24 Volt, 25 Amp

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The ME-SBC-R is an innovative two-bank battery isolator & combiner. It is designed to monitor and charge a second battery using a portion of the current that is charging a main battery.

This 25 Amp combiner/isolator integrates an optional solenoid drive, remote voltage sense for more accurate sensing, High and Low battery cut-out to prevent over/undercharging, and automatic 12 or 24 Volt operation. For currents larger than 25 Amp the unit can drive an external contactor/solenoid.

Connection to the oversized terminals is easy and simple. The basic design makes connecting the SBC as simple as it can get. Like other 3 wire voltage followers, this is a very simple device to connect and setup. The universal controls and connections make this a perfect replacement product.

The remote sense line can be used to monitor the battery voltage of a battery far away or at a charging source. Also, this is used to help minimize unnecessary cycling between combining and isolating, which can lead to early solenoid failure.

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