Marcus 7.5kVA Iso-Transformer

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DISCONTINUED: Marcus MS7.5G2, 7.5kVA isolation transformer 240V/120V-120V, for stacking 6kW wind inverters

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The Marcus MS7.5G2, 7.5kVA isolation transformer is a high-efficiency transformer that is used for stacking 5 kW or 6kW wind inverters. These transformers are needed when multiple inverters receive power from the same wind or hydro source, to increase total inverter output power (ie. for a 15 kW hydro turbine one would use three 5 or 6 kW wind inverters and stack them using these isolation transformers).

These transformers have a 240 Volt split-phase (with neutral) winding on their primary side, and a 240 Volt single-phase winding (no neutral) on their secondary side.

Information on how to stack wind inverters with the use of isolation transformers can be found in our learning section.

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