MidNite Solar MNBRAT


MidNite Solar BRAT, 12/24V charge controller, PWM, 30A PWM, with load/lighting controller

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The MidNite Solar BRAT is high on features, low on price. The BRAT is a finely-tuned solar PWM charger capable of providing up to 30 Amps of charging current, with class-leading lighting and load control features including a one-of-a-kind Solar Clock.

Rain-proof out of the box, and supporting dead-battery charging and low-voltage load disconnect, the BRAT is perfect for outdoor, marine, RV, and unattended remote applications such as a cattle watering pump. There are no fans, no external heat-sink, and no relays, making it very durable and reliable.

The BRAT doesn’t skimp on features, including temperature-compensated charging, manual and 30-day automatic equalize, and at an affordable price too!


  • NEMA-3R enclosure
  • Can charge dead batteries!
  • For 12 or 24 Volt batteries
  • Maximum 60 Volt PV input
  • Compact, efficient, and weather proof
  • Maximum load circuit rating of 10 Amps
  • Four LED’s for Bulk, Float, Load On and Low Battery
  • Highly customizable 16 position rotary switch lighting controller
  • Runs well pumps, electric fences, or billboard lights in remote areas
  • A 20A PWM charger with 10A load control or a 30A charger without load control





Mnfr. model

Controller type

Max. Voltage

Battery Voltage


Max. current

Arc-fault (AFCI)

Ground-fault (GFCI)

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