MidNite Solar MNCLIP4KAC


MidNite Solar MNCLIP4KAC, 4kW AC Clipper for 3-phase wind or hydro turbine, designed to work with the MidNite Solar Classic

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The MidNite Solar MNCLIP4KAC Clipper is designed as a 4 kW AC dump-load for 3-phase wind and hydro turbines and work with the MidNite Solar Classic to charge your battery. The Clipper communicates with the Classic to slow the turbine when the batteries are full, and also contains a stand alone, self powered, adjustable max-VOC limiting circuit. The MNCLIP4KAC has a rectifier build-in to provide DC for the charge controller.

The AC Clipper is designed to work with 3-phase AC turbines, specifically those with a 3-4kw maximum. The AC Clipper can be purchased with a resistance value of 0.4, 1.0, 1.6, or 4.0 ohms per phase. Please select the correct type from the list, the resistance value is the last part of the type code.

Generally speaking if your turbine has larger than a 10-foot rotor diameter and/or is rated for 2.5KW or more you may need more than one clipper. Please consult MidNite tech support in that case.


  • 50 Amp pass-through
  • Includes a braking feature
  • Durable powder coated chassis
  • Settable voltage threshold for clipping
  • Protects the turbine from overspeeding
  • 5 kW maximum and 4 kW continuous rating
  • Purchasable in different resistance values per phase
  • Available with a range of built-in diversion load values
  • Convenient switching between run and turbine slowing
  • DC or Three Phase AC models with heavy duty three phase bridge rectifier
  • Converts AC input to DC for charge controllers such as the MidNite Solar Classic
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