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DISCONTINUED: MidNite Solar MNLSOB-T1-AC, rapid shutdown Shut-Off-Box transmitter, 90 – 305V AC

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The MidNite Solar MNLSOB-T1-AC is a low-cost & easy to install rapid-shutdown solution. It is one-half of the system; the unit works in combination with the MNLSOB-R1-600. The MNLSOB-T1-AC transmits a signal on the wiring coming from the PV modules, and the MNLSOB-R1-600 looks for that signal to be present. When the signal goes away, the MNLSOB-R1-600 disconnects the DC Voltage coming from the solar panel string. The unit complies with both the 2014 and 2017 NEC code regarding rapid-shutdown.

One receiver per PV string is required, and a single transmitter. The receiver installs just like an optimizer, onto the rail under the last panel of the string. Power is provided by the panel, and no additional wiring is needed. Up to 6 strings can be used with a single transmitter. The transmitter can be mounted inside a grid-tie inverter, and has been tested with 4000 feet of PV wire!

The MNLSOB-T1-AC requires 90 – 305 Volt AC to work. There is also a version that runs from 12 – 16 Volt DC, the MNLSOB-T1-600.

At this time the MNLSOB is meant for grid-tie systems. Many off-grid charge controllers put too much noise on the PV wiring to work with this solution (though Magnum’s PT-100 is confirmed to work OK).


  • A transmitter is placed inside a grid tie inverter wiring compartment
  • The PV positive wire runs through the transmitter core to induce asignal in the PV wire
  • Transmitter requires 90 – 305 Volt single-phase AC power
  • 10 years warranty
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