NOCO NCP2, battery corrosion preventative, 4 fl. oz., CB104

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The NOCO CB104 NCP2 Battery Corrosion Preventative compound is a thick viscous fluid, formulated to make all surfaces impenetrable to corrosion-causing acid fumes, which increase connection resistance. For vehicles battery corrosion reduces battery life and cranking ability, for deep-cycle batteries it can lead to molten battery terminals! Its oil based formula applies a viscous protection seal that does not dry or evaporate, providing a long-lasting, lifetime guarantee. Suitable for all types of vehicles, as well as, deep-cycle battery terminals, battery cables, battery boxes and more.


  • Great for keeping deep-cycle battery terminals clean!
  • Stops battery corrosion for the life of your battery
  • Oil-based formula that does not dry or evaporate
  • Eliminates battery corrosion for increased cranking ability
  • Environmentally safe and resistant to reversion, moisture, shock and vibration
  • The original formula since 1914, and Made in the USA



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