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DISCONTINUED: OutBack FW1000-AC, an AC enclosure which mounts at the AC side of three or four FX Series Inverter/Chargers, it includes a ground bus bar and two DIN mounting brackets

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The FLEXware 1000 is for applications with large power requirements such as large residential, commercial or village power systems. The FLEXware 1000 system architecture is capable of supporting up to four OutBack FX Series inverter/chargers, four OutBack charge controllers, and all the required components and wiring. Utilizing a compact design, FLEXware 1000 AC enclosures accommodate all of the essential, protective devices with lots of room for additional breakers and large cable connections and can be mounted either vertically or horizontally.

The FW1000-AC is an AC enclosure which mounts at the AC side of three or four FX Series inverter/chargers. It supports eight terminal bus bars and one FW-X240 transformer. The FW1000 system utilizes two FW-MPs (mounting plates) and a set of the DCA and ACA conduit adapters for each inverter/charger. The enclosure includes DC and AC breakers, Input-Output-Bypass assemblies and all other additional components sold separately.


  • Ground bus bar
  • Two DIN mounting brackets
  • FLEXware 1000 wiring raceway



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