OutBack Power’s GS Load Centers are an integrated connection enclosure series for AC and DC system connections in OutBack Radian Series inverter/charger applications.

Designed for use with the Radian Series inverter/charger family, the options offer solutions for ground-up custom designs or factory pre-wired configurations for specific applications. The OutBack GS Load Centers simplify the configuration, distribution, and implementation of energy storage of the Radian Series inverter/charger through a standardized approach.


  • Pre-wired or customized options for quick and easy installation
  • Dual AC inputs and DC connections
  • Maximum input voltage – 600V
  • Maximum input current – 500 Amps
  • Operating frequency – 60 Hz to DC
  • Greater dynamic stability
  • Fully integrated from industry leading brand
  • Environmental rating – Type 1 (indoor IP 30)
  • Warranty – 5 years



Mnfr. model

Max. input Voltage

Max. current



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