Primus Digital Wind Control Panel


Primus 2-ARAC-D-XX, digital wind control panel, with breaker, stop switch, and Amp meter, with enclosure

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The Primus Digital Wind Control Panel (WCP-D) is a great addition to any Primus turbine! The WCP-D controls and monitors the wind turbine. It is equipped with a power On/Off circuit breaker, digital meter, and a Stop/Run switch (for direct control of the turbine).

The digital meter (equipped with a 50 amp shunt) provides critical operational information; real time battery voltage, current in amps, power in Watts and accumulated energy in W/hours (re-settable).

A clearly marked rear terminal block, The WCP terminal blocks, which will accept an 8 AWG or smaller wire size, provides for easy interconnect of the two turbine wires and two battery power wires. If a larger gauge wire is required, use a few inches of 8 AWG wire to transition to the terminal blocks. Panel is fully factory calibrated and ready for installation.

Mfr. Part No. Turbines
2-ARAC-D-5 48V AIR 40
48V AIR Breeze
2-ARAC-D-10 24V AIR 40
24V AIR Breeze
2-ARAC-D-20 48V AIR 30
48V AIR X Marine
48V AIR Silent X
12V AIR 40
12V AIR Breeze
2-ARAC-D-25 24V AIR 30
24V AIR X Marine
24V AIR Silent X
2-ARAC-D-40 12V AIR 30
12V AIR X Marine
12V AIR Silent X
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