Geocel Proflex Roof Sealant

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DISCONTINUED: Geocel Proflex, tri-polymer roof sealant, tube 10 fl. oz., good for 50 years under UV-exposure

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We looked long and hard to find the very best roof sealant that will stay put when other sealants give out. Today’s best sealants for outdoor use are tri-polymers; these greatly outperform synthetic rubbers, silicones, tar- and bitumen-based sealants, urethanes, and acrylics.,  Proflex is a tri-polymer, and it will stick to just about anything, can be applied at below-freezing temperatures (through it gets hard to work, keep the tubes warm), can be applied to damp surfaces, and is good for 50 years under outside UV exposure. Best of all, it costs the same as many of the older products.

Proflex is sold in the USA under the name Geocel 2300. The two are identical, and from the same factory.

This is the sealant to use for rooftop solar installations. Nothing else comes close!


  • Superb adhesion to just about any surface, including asphalt shingles
  • Can be applied from -18C through +60C, even on damp surfaces
  • Service temperature -40 through +82C
  • Excellent elongation: Over 1000%
  • Will not dry out or crack – ever!
  • Superior UV resistance
  • 50-year service life!
  • Crystal clear
  • Paintable
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