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Rolls-Surrette S-480


Rolls-Surrette S-480 deep-cycle 6V battery, 375Ah/20h capacity, 2 + 5 years warranty (minimum order qty.)

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Rolls Surrette has built a solid reputation over the years as one of the best, if not THE best, sources of deep-cycle batteries for renewable energy systems. Their batteries feature a high cycle life with thick, positive battery plates and a large liquid reserve. Surrette batteries are known for their unsurpassed reliability.

The 4000-series batteries are designed specifically for renewable energy applications and come with a solid 7 year warranty. With good battery care many get 10 to 12 years of service out of these batteries. Our battery care instructions can help get the most out of your batteries.

Adding batteries in series increases the Voltage, while keeping the Amp-hour size the same. Adding batteries in parallel keeps the Voltage the same, while increasing the Amp-hour size of the battery bank. For example, two S-550 batteries in series makes for a 12 Volt / 428 Ah battery bank. Adding another string of two S-550 batteries in parallel to these will increase the bank size to 12 Volt / 856 Ah.


Recommended Charge Settings (at 25C)

Charge State12 Volt24 Volt48 Volt
Bulk15.0 Volt30.0 Volt60.0 Volt
Absorb15.0 Volt30.0 Volt60.0 Volt
Float13.5 Volt27.0 Volt54.0 Volt
Equalize15.8 Volt31.6 Volt63.2 Volt
Temperature Compensation: -4mV/°C/cell


Equalize time: 2.5 hours, add distilled water as-needed halfway through

Absorb time: 0.42 x C / I, where C is the 20-hour battery bank capacity and I is the real-world charge current

For example, a 12 Volt bank of two S-550 batteries, 428Ah battery bank, with 1000 Watt in solar PV would have a realistic charge current of around 65 Amp in full sun. That makes for an absorb time of 0.42 x 428 / 65 = 2.76 hours = 2 hours 45 minutes

Maximum charge current: 15% of 20-hour battery bank capacity (ie. 0.15 x 428 = 65A for an S-550 battery for example), never more than 20%

Low-Voltage cut-off: 11.1 / 22.2 / 44.3 Volt (corresponds to about 80% Depth-Of-Discharge)



  • 6 Volt deep-cycle flooded lead-acid
  • 375 Ah at 20 hours, 486 Ah at 100 hours discharge rate
  • L-16 format, with thick lead alloy flag terminals for 5/16″ bolts
  • Reliable and dependable, designed for off-grid systems
  • Rope handles for easy carrying
  • Rolls 4000-series battery, Made in Canada!
  • Seven (7) years warranty: the first 24 months are full replacement, the next 60 months are prorated



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