>>>Trojan SIND 06 1225

Trojan SIND 06 1225


Trojan SIND 06 1225 6V deep-cycle flooded lead-acid, industrial series, 942Ah/20h capacity, solar industrial series, double L terminals, 3 + 7 years warranty

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Trojan is a well-known and trusted brand for renewable energy batteries. Their L16’s were and are the battery of choice, right from the start when people moved off-grid in the 1960’s. The SIND (Solar INDustrial) line is designed for a 17- to 20-year battery life, Trojan Battery’s Solar Series line of flooded, deep-cycle batteries is specifically engineered to withstand the rigorous conditions of deep-cycle renewable energy applications.

Deep-cycle batteries used in off-grid and unstable grid applications are heavily cycled at partial state of charge (PSOC). Operating at PSOC on a regular basis can quickly diminish the overall life of a battery, which results in frequent and costly battery replacements. To address the impact of PSOC on deep-cycle batteries in renewable energy (RE), inverter backup and telecom applications, Trojan Battery has now included Smart Carbon™ as a standard feature in its Solar Industrial and Solar Premium flooded battery lines.

The Trojan SIND 06 1225 is a direct replacement for their IND17-6V battery.

Recommended Charge Settings (at 25C)

Charge State12 Volt24 Volt48 Volt
Bulk14.8 Volt29.6 Volt59.2 Volt
Absorb14.4 Volt28.8 Volt56.8 Volt
Float13.5 Volt27.0 Volt54.0 Volt
Equalize16.2 Volt31.6 Volt63.2 Volt
Temperature Compensation: -5 mV/°C/cell


Equalize time: 2.5 hours, add distilled water as-needed halfway through

Absorb time: 0.42 x C / I, where C is the 20-hour battery bank capacity and I is the real-world charge current

For example, a 24 Volt bank of four SIND 06 1225 batteries, an 942 Ah battery bank, with 5,000 Watt in solar PV would have a realistic charge current of around 150 Amp in full sun. That makes for an absorb time of 0.42 x 942 / 150 = 2.6 hours = 2 hours 35 minutes

Maximum charge current: 15% of 20-hour battery bank capacity (ie. 0.15 x 942 = 141A for a SIND 06 1225 battery for example), never more than 20%

Low-Voltage cut-off: 11.1 / 22.2 / 44.3 Volt (corresponds to about 80% Depth-Of-Discharge)


  • Built for very long battery life!
  • Smart Carbon for improved performance
  • DuraGrid design provides a thick grid structure that resists corrosion and increases overall battery life
  • Maxguard XL Separator provides even greater resistance to stratification
  • The ultra-rugged Polyon container protects against damage caused by harsh environmental conditions



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