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DISCONTINUED: Unique UGP-60L1, 12/24 VDC chest refrigerator/freezer, dual compartment, 60L / 2.1 cu. ft., tundra

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This AC/DC powered fridge/freezer is versatile, whether used in your vehicle at camp, cottage or your home. It keeps your food fresh and your energy consumption low. This fridge/freezer uses the world’s most reliable DC cooling system, with a Danfoss/Secop DC compressor. There are two compartments, each with its own individual temperature control. Just 459 Wh energy use per 24 hours!


  • Operates on DC or AC power
  • Rugged side handles (portable)
  • Includes protective insulated cover
  • Dual compartments enable fridge/freezer combinations
  • Danfoss/Secop compressor – the world’s leading DC compressor
  • Chest-style fridge/freezer for high efficiency & low energy consumption
  • Individual temperature controls for each compartment allows either compartment to be shut off to save energy
  • Operation: 12V / 24V DC, or 110V AC
  • Total Watt-hour draw: 459 Wh/24 hrs (large side set to +5⁰C, small side set to -13⁰C in a 25⁰C ambient)
  • Total Amp-hour draw: 38 Ah/24 hrs at 12V DC (large side set to +5⁰C, small side set to -13⁰C in a 25⁰C ambient)
  • Power consumption: 33 W
  • Average run current: 2.7 amps on 12V DC
  • Connections: cigarette lighter  DC connector, battery gator clips, and AC/DC converter included
  • Temperature range: -18⁰C to + 20⁰C (in +1⁰C to a + 43⁰C ambient temperature)
  • 1 year warranty



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