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Volthium Battery Interconnects


Volthium Battery Interconnects, red & black pair of 1/0 AWG wires, 2 to 4 feet long, SurLok connector one side, lug other side (only with Volthium RackMount battery order)

Battery leads to connect a Volthium rack-mount battery to their Busbar. One set consists of a pair of red & black 1/0 AWG wires (i.e. 2 wires). The length depends on the location vs. the Busbar: For a battery mounted right above or below the Busbar select a 2-foot pair of Battery Leads. For a battery that is mounted in the next location above/below an existing pair of batteries, with the Busbar in the middle, select a 3-foot pair of Battery Leads etc.

One side of the red & black pair of wires has an Amphenol SurLok connector, so it can connect with a Volthium rack-mounted battery. The other side of the pair of wires has a regular lug, for connection to the Busbar.

These interconnects can only be ordered WITH Volthium’s RackMount batteries.



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