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Volthium Busbar


Volthium Busbar, 19″ rackmount busbar for Volthium batteries, positive & negative

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Volthium Busbar for their 19″ rackmount batteries. This contains a positive and negative copper busbar in a 3U-height 19″ format.

The batteries come with 2 AWG Amphenol connectors/wiring from their front, which is good for 130 Amp. If more current is needed (for powering an inverter from multiple batteries for example) the Volthium Busbar can be used to combine all the batteries. The busbar has multiple bolts, so regular wires with lugs can be used.

Volthium also makes Battery Interconnects for use with their Busbar, with a SurLok connector on one side, and a regular lug on the other side.



Mnfr. model


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