APsystems is well on its way to becoming the world-leader in micro-inverters! Founded in 2009 in Silicon Valley, they have steadily grown to their current no. 2 position world-wide.

APsystems has built a reputation for extreme reliability. Their micro-inverters are also known to work with just about any grid, even in places with high noise and RFI levels, and frequent brown-outs. Their micros just get the job done!

What sets APS apart from other micro-inverter and optimizer manufacturers, is their much better price-point vs. that of another well-known brand, due in part to their multi-panel micro-inverters: An APsystems micro-inverter can handle multiple PV modules. In fact, you now can install a micro-inverter system with panel-level monitoring for just about the same price as a string-inverter system. An affordable communications unit offers both Wifi and Ethernet to connect to the Internet. Monitoring is free, there are no subscription fees.

APsystems micro-inverters