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2/0 AWG & 4/0 AWG DLO Wire


2/0 & 4/0 AWG DLO flexible wire, finely stranded tinned copper, CSA listed, black, 1000 Volt (sold per foot)

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CSA listed very flexible DLO wire, for battery interconnects and inverter cables. DLO wire is made of many very fine tinned-copper strands. DLO (Diesel LOcomotive) wire is UL/CSA listed as RW90-TC type wire rated at 1,000 Volt, very flexible, and ozone, sunlight, oil, grease, weather, chemical and abrasion resistant.

2/0 DLO wire is rated at 195 Amp, 4/0 DLO wire is rated at 260 Amp.

The jacket carriers the following markings:

TF CABLE 4/0AWG (107mm2) 90C DLO 2KV P-7K-268080-01-MSHA – E193954 (UL) RHW–2 2KV VW-1 ST1 SUN RES – CSA 205591 RW90 EPR 1000V -40C FT1 FT4 TC SR Oil Res

We sell the wire by-the-foot and have it available in 2/0 AWG and 4/0 AWG, in black.




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