Aluminum Lay-In Grounding Lug


Aluminum lay-in lug, tin-plated, 14 – 4 AWG, stainless set-screw & mounting hardware, cUL listed

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Aluminum lay-in lugs are a great economical choice for quick installation of one continuous grounding conductor, as per code requirements, or as a jumper to multiple locations. No need to thread the connector. Just back off the set screw, “lay in” the wire, and re-tighten. It’s also easy to retrofit or repair. Aluminum lugs are a great choice for grounding solar panels.

This is an electro-tin plated aluminum lug to assure minimum contact resistance and protection against corrosion when used with copper wire, with a stainless steel set screw, for a durable and reliable connection all year around.

Includes a stainless #10-32 x 5/8″ screw with kept-nut (with a serrated washer), providing a complete solution for bolting the lug to a solar panel or racking.

For the sake of full disclosure: While many installers use these aluminum lugs to ground solar panels outdoors, their UL/CSA listing is actually for indoor/dry locations. There are no outdoor-rated aluminum lay-in lugs, they do not exist. Officially only the tin-plated copper lugs are rated for outdoor use. That said, we know many inspectors pass installs with these aluminum lugs, likely because all they look for is the “cUL” stamp on them. The aluminum lugs do make a cost-effective solution vs. copper. We just want you to know though.


  • Fits 14 AWG – 4 AWG conductors
  • Stainless steel hardware for corrosion resistance, greater torque and ease of installation
  • Made from high strength extruded aluminium alloy
  • Electra tin-plated, RoHS compliant
  • Provides low contact resistance
  • Suitable for use with copper or aluminum conductors for grounding & continuous loop application
  • Lay-in feature
  • UL 467 & CSA listed
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