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DISCONTINUED: Battle Born CSL500, Current Surge Limiter, limits inrush and surge current with large inverters

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Large inverters can have very large inrush currents when the battery cables are connected. The large inrush current makes it seem like a short-circuit to the Battery Management System (BMS) in lithium-ion batteries such as the Battle Born BB10012, causing the BMS to disconnect the battery. This can happen even before the inverter is turned on.

The CSL500 Current Surge Limiter is a FET-based current limiting device that is to be used with Battle Born Batteries when they are used in conjunction with large (greater than 3kW) inverter/chargers. The device is mounted permanently in series between the negative pole of the battery bank and the negative DC input terminal of the inverter/charger. The device protects the battery management system (BMS) from damage caused by the initial current spike that is created when connecting directly to the large capacitors (> 5 milliFarads) that are typically on the DC input side of such large inverter/chargers. The device allows the batteries to slowly charge the capacitors (within 1 ms). This soft start avoids the high-current shutoff of the BMS.

One CLS500 can be used for multiple inverters up to a total of 8,000 Watt. For inverters 8,000 Watt or greater one CSL500 is needed per inverter.

NOTE: The CLS500 is NOT CSA or UL listed! That means it cannot be used for code-compliant systems, or any time an electrical inspector is involved.

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