Super Shade Lawn Seed 50 lbs


Super Shade lawn seed mix, 50 lbs bag, for a great looking lawn even in the shady areas of your yard

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Grow grass, not moss! Our Super Shade mix will grow where other grass will not.

Grass seed is excluded from our free shipping policy, sorry! This is too heavy and bulky, and our markup on it too modest to ship for free.

Growing grass in the darker spots of your yard can be a challenge! We can help with our specially formulated lawn seed mix for heavily shaded areas or homes built in the bush. Made up of hardy, shade-tolerant grasses this mix is the answer for difficult areas.

Spread rate is 200 sq. ft. per lbs. for seeding, and 400 sq. ft. per lbs. for overseeding.

No more overpriced grass seed! Solacity provides top-quality seed mixes at affordable prices! Check out our mixes, we only include premium perennial grasses, and do not incorporate (cheap) annual rye grass that disappears after the first season.

We also carry the perfect slow-release fertilizer for your lawn!

Seed Mix

  • 30% Creeping Red Fescue
  • 20% Chewing Fescue
  • 10% Poa Trivialis
  • 40% Slider LS Perennial Ryegrass
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