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Conext / Schneider XW InsightHome, local and remote Conext Web interface, 865-0330

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Conext InsightHome adds local and remote monitoring to your Conext / Schneider system. It provides intuitive mobile and Web-browser based interfaces for homeowners and professionals alike. InsightHome can be used for systems up to 25.5 kW in size, for larger systems Conext has their InsightFacility version (similar to InsightHome, but more for institutional use). InsightHome lets you remotely manage system settings and firmware updates locally through a Web interface, or from InsightCloud or the InsightMobile App.

Both InsightHome and InsightFacility are compatible with Schneider Electric’s solar & storage offerings, including the XW and SW lines of storage inverters, the MPPT solar charge controllers, and the accessories. Additionally, both devices are compatible with Schneider Electric’s commercial 3-phase string CL family of inverters for the European and Australian markets.

Conext’s InsighHome replaces the older SCP to set up and monitor your Conext inverter(s) and other equipment. You can find a video showing how to set it up at YouTube.


  • Build-in wireless access point
  • Has (wired) Ethernet port
  • Has one Xanbus port
  • Has one ModBus port
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