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Enerwatt WPHRL16

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Enerwatt WPHRL16, 6 Volt deep-cycle AGM battery, 400Ah/20h, group L16, 12 months warranty

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Enerwatt offers an economic alternative for AGM batteries. These are priced too low to show! Be sure to contact us for your price!

Sealed AGM batteries are maintenance free, and can be placed anywhere without having to worry about fumes. AGM batteries are also somewhat more frost-proof vs. regular flooded lead-acid batteries, making them suitable for use in cold places.

Enerwatt stands for value AGM batteries that pack a punch! These batteries combine a low price with being true deep-cycle AGMs. The expected cycle-life is 1,200 cycles at 50% Depth-Of-Discharge. You can find a graph of cycle-life vs. DOD in the spec sheet.

Enerwatt AGM Charge Voltages

Charge State12 Volt24 Volt48 Volt
Bulk14.6 Volt29.2 Volt58.4 Volt
Absorb14.6 Volt29.2 Volt58.4 Volt
Float13.5 Volt27.0 Volt54.0 Volt
Equalize14.7 Volt29.4 Volt58.8 Volt
Temperature Compensation: -4mV/°C/cell


Solacity can help you with proper sizing of your battery bank, just contact us!


  • Maintenance free sealed deep-cycle Absorbed Glass Matt battery
  • 6 Volt battery in an impact resistant plastic housing
  • 400 amp hour capacity @ 20 hr. discharge rate
  • 12 months warranty



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