Kinetic KAGM-G


Kinetic KAGMxx-G, adjustable ground Mount, available from 6 through 46 modules, 20-45-60-degree tilt-angle, for 60 & 72 cell modules in portrait, galvanized steel

Kinetic Solar’s Adjustable Angle Ground Mount makes for an easy-to-install ground mount system that can be manually adjusted from 20-degrees for summer, to 45-degrees, to 60-degrees for winter. These ground mounts come in increments of 2 panels, and panels are mounted in portrait, two high. They can handle both 60- and 72-cell modules, as long as the module width is between 990 and 1024 mm wide (contact us for wider modules, generally they can be made to work as well).

This ground mount supports a wind load up to 1.0 kPa (q50).

The Kinetic KAGM-G ground mounts are made from galvanized steel.

These ground mounts have an upright for every 6, 8, or 10 modules. Larger panel ground mounts are made from multiple 6 or 8 panel units. The description will have the number and type of units.

These ground mounts drop-ship directly from Kinetic Solar in Toronto via truck-freight. Shipping cost is not inc