Kinetic Solar KHSG-M


Kinetic KHSG-M Squirrel Guard, black PVC coated wire mesh 8″ wide, KHSG-M, 100 ft roll

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Kinetic Solar Squirrel Guard will protect your solar array from squirrels, birds, and rodents. The black PVC coated welded mesh helps prevent rodents from damaging the array’s wiring, and stops birds and squirrels from building nests under the solar panels.

Kinetic J-hook


With either Kinetic Solar’s Guard Clips or J-Hooks (order separately), the squirrel guard mesh can be installed quickly and easily using only a wrench or pliers. Count on using around 7 Guard Clips for every 10 feet of mesh, or one J-Hook for every foot of mesh.

Kinetic Squirrel Guard mesh comes in a 100 foot long roll of 8″ wide mesh.

Kinetic Squirrel Guard KHSG-M



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