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Kinetic Rapid One Rail KRAPID1


Kinetic Solar Rapid One Rail, KRAPID1-XX-M (each), from 10’8″ and 14’2″, holds between 3 or 4 solar panels depending on length (in portrait).

Canadian-made Kinetic Solar’s Rapid One rails are an economic and popular way to securely mount solar panels on rooftops and other structures. Kinetic offers a full line of mounting options, with mid- and end-clamps, L-feet, flashing and everything else needed to make your next solar mounting project a success!

Rails are available in 10’8″ and 14’2″ lengths. They can be combined into longer length using splices. The maximum span between support points (L-feet) is 4 feet, and the maximum overhang at the ends is 16″. Rails are made out of aluminum.

Some useful short-notes regarding Kinetic racking installation:

  • Rails go under the PV modules, NOT on the edges.
  • Rails are ideally about 1/4 of the module width in from the edges, but anything from (nearly) at the edge to 1/3 in from the edge works fine.
  • Torque setting for all bolts on rails is 12 ft-lbs (144 inch-lbs).
  • Maximum cantilever for the rail (between the last L-foot and the end of the panels) is 16”.
  • Maximum spacing between L-feet is 4 feet.
  • Because the WEEB clips between panels and rails bond all the metal parts together, only a single ground lug for every row of panels (on one of the two rails) is needed. From the ground lug run 6 AWG copper wire to the other lugs, and onward to the equipment ground.
  • Each rail splice uses a single splice bar (they come in packages of two because you almost always need an even number of splice bars).
  • Strictly speaking code does not require this, but we have seen inspectors ask for a WEEB clip between each Ground Lug Mount and the rail. It’s easier to just install them than to wait for the inspector to complain.
  • End-clamps take up 1”, mid-clamps are ½” each.
  • Hanger bolts are 5/16”, predrill with 7/32” for the length of the thread.
  • Hanger bolts need sufficient wood to fasten into, that means they should go at the intersection of truss/rafter and the strapping of a corrugated metal roof.
  • Put small amount of caulking (Proflex) under the EPDM grommet of hanger bolts before tightening down.
  • Kinetic flashing uses two 5/16” stainless lag screws, predrill with 7/32” to avoid splitting truss.
  • Put some caulking (Proflex) under foot of flashing before installing it.



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