Kinetic Solar KHHB-4


Kinetic Welded Hanger Bolt 4″ Lag & 1 1/4 Hex Bolt with neoprene gasket & hardware, KHHB-4 (each)

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Kinetic Welded Hanger Bolts are made of premium-grade materials, offering high strength and durability to keep your PV modules in securely in place. Hanger bolts can be used on any roof type, however, they are primarily meant for corrugated metal roofs where flashing cannot be used. The hanger bolt screws into the truss, while the upper part holds an L-foot. For shingle roofs Kinetic flashing is the more appropriate way to attach.

Kinetic Welded Hanger Bolts are comprised of 5/16″ x 4″ Lag, 1 1/4 Hex bolt, and neoprene gasket & hardware.

Corrugated metal roofs are generally installed over purlins that run perpendicular to the rafters or trusses. Those purlins are generally 1-by wood, that is not strong or thick enough to hold a hanger bolt. That means hanger bolts have to be installed at the intersections of trusses and purlins, where there is solid wood underneath the steel roof deck.

Holes for hanger bolts need to be pre-drilled with a 7/32” drill-bit for the length of the thread, to avoid splitting the bone-dry trusses/rafters!

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