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Kinetic Solar KHRT25-M


Kinetic Rhino Mount, for steel roofs, with self-drilling screws, KHRT25-M (each)

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Kinetic Solar’s Rhino mount is the simplest and fastest way to attach your solar array to any steel roof. The Rhino mount screws directly into to the purlins/strapping below the steel roof deck, and an L-bracket is used to fasten it to the Kinetic rail. The L-bracket is NOT included.

The Rhino mount can be used with strapping that measures at least 1-by-3 inches (on the flat, actual dimensions at least 3/4″ x 2-1/2″). Of course, the strapping needs to be securely fastened to the trusses or rafters! The maximum spacing between Rhino mounts is 4 feet (48″).

What makes using Rhino mounts so much easier than other solutions (such as hanger bolts) is that it is no longer needed to find the intersections between trusses and strapping. Only 3/4″ thick wood is needed to fasten it. The Rhino mount comes with four (4) self-drilling screws of 1/4″ x 1-1/2″.

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