MEGA-fuse 60A – 500A, 32V DC, MEGA bolt-down fuse

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The MEGA fuse is designed as an easy way for high current circuit protection from 60 up to 500A. The MEGA fuse also provides time delay characteristics, it is tolerant of over-current surges without blowing, for applications such as inverters, pumps, compressors and other devices with large inrush currents. The MEGA fuse is ideal for battery and alternator protection application and other heavy gauge cables requiring ultra-high current protection.

For 12 and 24 Volt battery systems the MEGA fuses form an cost-effective alternative to the class-T fuses. We also carry MEGA fuse holders that can be used with regular battery/inverter cables with lugs.

We also stock the fuse holder for these fuses.


  • M8 bolt size
  • 2000 Amp interrupt rating
  • 60 – 500 Amp slow-blow fuse
  • Rated for 32 Volt DC systems
  • Operating temperature -40C to +125C
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