MidNite Solar MNPV12


MidNite Solar MNPV12, 12-string combiner for twelve 150 VDC breakers or ten 600 VDC fuse holders, can be split as as a 5 + 5 or 6 + 6 as well, NEMA-3R

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The MNPV12 is a 12-string PV combiner for 150 VDC charge controllers and 600 VDC grid tie inverters. It is a gray, aluminum, type 3R rain proof enclosure with insulating dead front. It will accept 12 of the 150 VDC breakers or 10 of the 600 VDC fuse holders. It can support two inverters of up to 5 strings each, or a transformerless inverter of up to 5 strings.

This Combiner can be configured in 3 ways:

  • A single 10 or 12 string combiner for a charge controller or transformer based (grounded) inverter using 10 fuses or 12 breakers.
  • 2 separate 5 or 6 string combiners for 2 charge controllers or transformer based (grounded) inverters, using 5 + 5 fuse holders and fuses or 6 + 6 breakers.
  • A single 5 string (ungrounded) combiner for a 600V transformerless inverter, using 5 positive and 5 negative fuse holders and fuses.

It includes 2 isolated, 15 position PV negative bus bars, 15 position ground bus bar, and a 200 Amp Plus bus bar for breakers and fuses. Plus bus bars can be combined or separated to support 2 inverters or charge controllers.

The combiner comes without breakers, fuses, or fuse holders. The Wohner fuse holders and KLKD-15 fuses are typically used with this combiner.


  • Type 3R environmental rating
  • Warranty – 5 yrs.
  • Listed by ETL for US & Canada
  • Made in the USA
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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 14 × 5 in

Mnfr. model

Max. no. strings

Max. Voltage

Max. current




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