MidNite Solar MNPV6-DISCO AC MICRO, 3 string combiner for 240 Volt AC micro-inverters, UL & CSA listed, NEMA-3R

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The MidNite MNPV6-DISCO AC MICRO is an AC string combiner for 240 Volt AC strings, such as those coming from micro-inverter trunk cables. The combiner has room for 3 of the MidNite 240V AC breakers. In case 120V AC single-phase is needed, the unit can handle 6 of the MidNite 120V AC breakers. It contains a neutral busbar and ground busbar as well. The combiner is NEMA-3 rated for outdoor use.

The combiner comes without breakers! Usually three MNEAC20-2P breakers are installed in it, though any of the DIN-rail mounted AC breakers will work. The AC MICRO can be used for up to 150 amps and 1/0 wire. The unit is Load Break rated and can be locked in the off position.


  • Lockable disconnect
  • Includes neutral busbar
  • NEMA-3R rated for outdoor use
  • UL/CSA listed for North America
  • Knockouts for wiring in sides and bottom
  • All aluminum powder coated housing that won’t rust
  • Flip up cover that can stay in the open position during installation
  • Chassis ground bus bar with 14 useable openings (10 #14-6 and 4#1/0-14)
  • Standard din rail to mount up to three 240V AC dual-pole breakers
  • Dead front cover snaps into place after wiring is complete for safety
  • Top surface is available to bring conduit in from directly above the enclosure
  • Combines up to three 240V split-phase AC micro-inverter strings or six 120V AC strings
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