Phocos PSW-H-6.5KW-120/48V


Phocos PSW-H-6.5KW-120/48V, 6500 Watt pure-sinewave Any-Grid inverter, 48 VDC in, 120 VAC out, incl. 120A AC charger & 120A MPPT charge controller, CSA-listed

Phocos Charger Bug

We recently (Sept. 2022) discovered a likely firmware bug affecting all Phocos AnyGrid inverters: The build-in charger in the 6.5kW units should be able to reach 64.0 Volt as its maximum boost/bulk/absorb/equalize Voltage. Unfortunately the highest we have seen it reach is 61.0 Volt, and Phocos has acknowledged this issue. This affects both charging from Solar PV, as well as charging from a generator or the grid (120V AC), regardless how high the settings are, it won’t exceed 61.0 Volt during charging.

This is not a problem for most batteries, including most lithium-ion chemistries (LiFePO4, are the most common deep-cycle lithium batteries). Those charge just fine at 57.6 Volt or lower. Sealed lead-acid batteries such as AGM and GEL are fine too, they do not need the higher Voltage. Even flooded lead-acid batteries typically charge at 60.0V (or slightly less), which means they will work OK for day-to-day use. Where the limit is a problem is for equalizing flooded lead-acid batteries, this typically is done at around 63.2 Volt. It can be done at 61.0 Volt but will take longer.

Hopefully Phocos will promptly investigate this issue and release a fix (hopefully just a firmware update)!

The Phocos Any-Grid PSW-H inverter-charger series are pure-sinewave hybrid inverters that span the gap between battery-less grid-tie inverters and off-grid inverters. The Phocos Any-Grid inverter can be set up to convert solar PV into grid AC, and feed into the grid, batteries can be added so the inverter continues to work when the grid goes down and runs in off-grid mode, or the Any-Grid inverter can be set up to provide AC with just solar panels (no grid and no batteries). The Any-Grid inverter can also be set up as a stand-by system that provides power to loads from the grid or solar PV (priority is your choice), without exporting to the grid, and it can provide back-up power when the grid goes down. This inverter is very versatile!

The unit has a build-in transfer switch that allows for switching from grid-tie to off-grid mode in less than 10ms, making the ideal Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS). This is fast enough to prevent computers from noticing or resetting.

Since solar can be prioritized, and batteries can be added, the Any-Grid inverter can be used to do load-displacement (charge during low-cost hours from the grid, then use that during peak-cost hours) and load-shaving (use primarily solar PV as a source of power, to offset grid AC use).

Build into the inverter is an MPPT charger that allows for high-Voltage strings of solar panels (up to 250 Volt DC). It can charge batteries from solar PV or export the power to grid AC. As mentioned it can also provide a local (offline) AC grid, even without batteries, providing power to loads as long as there is sufficient sunlight.

Up to 9 inverters can be connected in parallel, to provide a single-phase AC system, 240V split-phase AC, or 3-phase 208V AC system. Connecting inverters in parallel is as simply as connecting them together!


  • Supremely flexible!
  • 48 Volt battery bank (optional)
  • 6500 Watt inverter output, 13kW for 5 seconds
  • Detachable and intuitive LCD touch-screen
  • Up to 9 inverters can be connected in parallel
  • Up to 250 Volt DC dual-MPPT for solar PV
  • Integrated 120 Amp AC charge controller
  • Integrated 120 Amp MPPT solar charge controller
  • Works with lithium-ion, AGM, GEL, and flooded batteries
  • Integrated relay for automatic-generator-start (AGS) functionality
  • Galvanic isolation of battery allows positive or negative grounding
  • Parallel inverters can be used for 240V split-phase or 208V 3-phase
  • UL & CSA listed for Canada!



Mnfr. model

Inverter type

Battery Voltage

Output power

AC Voltage

No. of MPPT

Max. Voltage

MPPT Voltage range


AC disconnect

DC disconnect

Arc-fault (AFCI)

Ground-fault (GFCI)

Temperature range





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