Victron BlueSolar PWM LCD


Victron BlueSolar PWM LCD, PWM charge controller, with LCD display, 12/24V DC out

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For a setup with just one or a few 12 (or 24) Volt solar panels a simple PWM charge controller may be all that is needed. The Victron BlueSolar PWM controllers are the economical choice for those cases! Please note that these charge controllers are meant for 36-cell (12V) or 72-cell (24V) solar modules.

The BlueSolar PWM LCD controllers come in 10 and 20 Amp version, with a build-in LCD display for setup and monitoring. These controllers also have a load output with low-Voltage disconnect, and timer functionality. A typical application is to control lights that need to switch on for a number of hours at dusk, and again several hours before dawn.


  • Charge currents of 10 and 20 Amp
  • Low-Voltage disconnect on load output
  • 12 of 24 Volt automatic battery detection
  • Timer functionality build-in on load output
  • Natural convection cooling, no fans to break!
  • Two USB ports build-in for charging USB devices directly
  • Supports flooded, GEL, AGM, and LiFePO4 (lithium-ion) batteries
  • Overload protection in case too much solar PV is connected
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