Victron BMV-702


Victron BMV-702, precision battery monitor with shunt, with mid-point monitoring, 6.5 – 95 Volt, BAM010702000

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The Victron BMV-702 is a high-precision battery monitor, essentially a “fuel gauge” for your batteries. The unit comes with a 500 Amp / 50 mV shunt, and can be connected to an optional battery temperature sensor (not included) to measure & display battery temperature as well. A Bluetooth Mart Dongle can be added (not included) to use a cell phone as a display.

What sets the BMV-702 apart from Victron’s other battery monitors is that it has a second input. This can be used to monitor the mid-point of a battery bank (and show an alarm when the two halves get out-of-sync) or a second battery bank.

This battery monitors works by counting Amp-hours flowing into and out of the battery through the shunt. This works for all battery types, and particularly well for lithium-ion batteries (because they are so efficient when charging). From those numbers the BMV-702 calculates the battery’s State-Of-Charge (SOC) as a percentage, 0% is an empty battery, 100% means full, and Ah’s left in the battery.

The unit can be wired together with other Victron products via the VE.Direct port, and comes with a 500A/50mV shunt.


  • Available in gray and black
  • Includes 500A/50mV shunt
  • VE.Direct communications port
  • Works for 6.5 – 95 Volt battery banks
  • Measures second battery bank or mid-point
  • Only 4 mA current draw (0.7 Ah per month!)
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