Victron Lynx Power In


Victron Lynx Power In, DC busbar to combine batteries, LYN020102000

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The Lynx Power In module is used to connect batteries via an external fuse to a modular busbar, which in turn connects to the Lynx DC Distribution system.  It has 4 studs for battery leads, plus one larger one on the side. The busbars are rated for 1000 Amp total.

It can be useful if you have multiple parallel battery strings. Due to the extremely high short circuit current potential of most battery banks, it is suggested to use an external fuse system such as the Lynx Power In with an appropriate fault current interruption rating.

The Power In contains a negative and positive DC bus-bar with M8 bolts in which to connect batteries cables. It can take cables up to 22 mm in diameter through the bottom entry guides, and no limit via the two side connections.



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