Victron Orion XS


Victron Orion XS, non-isolated DC-DC charger, 12V to 12V, 50 Amp, with Bluetooth, ORI121217040

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The Victron Orion XS is a complete redesign of the earlier Orion DC-to-DC chargers. It runs much cooler, and has full Bluetooth control: Just like Victron’s other charge controllers it allows for battery parameters to be set, including maximum current limits for both the input (alternator) side as well as the output (house battery) side.

An unlimited number of Orion XS units can be connected in parallel to increase the overall charge current capacity. Each Orion XS is capable of 50 Amp into the house battery bank. The Orion XS has build-in “engine running” detection, and is smart-alternator compatible. This guarantees the charger only draws power when the engine is running.

Lithium-ion batteries can draw a lot of current! The Orion XS makes it safe to charge them from your engine’s alternator without overloading it. Great for use in RVs and marine applications!


  • IP65 waterproof
  • Build-in Bluetooth
  • 50 Amp charge ability
  • Smart-alternator compatible
  • Works with VRM and Victron Connect
  • Fully configurable – including max. input and output currents
  • Unlimited parallel connection – increase max. charge current as needed
  • Complete electronic protection
  • 5 year warranty
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