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The Truth About Small Wind Turbines

This is a must-read if you are considering a small wind turbine for your backyard. It presents an honest reality check, going beyond manufacturer's hype and downright lies.

RE Incentives

Ontario offers up to $0.396 per kWh for PV through their Feed-In-Tariff program. For wind there is net metering.

The USA government offers a 30% tax credit for renewable energy installations (this is a credit, not a deduction, directly reducing payable taxes).

Nevada pays back $15,000 for a Scirocco, through their WindGenerations program.

Saskatchewan offers net metering, and a 35% rebate for new RE installations (solar, wind, hydro, biomass etc.).

For more information on incentives and net metering please see the 'links' section.

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Solacity is about helping you with clean, renewable energy. Want to turn your home into a greenhouse-gas-free electricity producing green power plant? Or do you want to attract more customers to your business and make it a bit greener at the same time (hint: put a Scirocco wind turbine in the parking lot!)? Drop us a line, or give us a call!

Solacity is the distributor for a variety of products, supplying wholesale to the trades as well as retail to customers that want to do their own installation. Please see our products page for more.

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When It Is Sunny Your Ontario Rooftop Can Make You Money!

Ontario rooftops can make money for you. In fact they can do much better than the bank by taking advantage of the Ontario FIT or MicroFIT programs that pay up to 39.6 cents per kWh for PV energy. Solacity is an Ottawa solar power company offering professional installation services of solar panels in the Ottawa area at very competitive prices. Please see our solar page for much more information.

We can also get you off the electrical grid altogether! Contact us for off-grid supplies or installation. For a sample installation please check out our blog.

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