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DISCONTINUED: APsystems ECU, energy communications unit for YC500A, Wifi & Ethernet

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The APsystems state-of-the-art Energy Communication Unit, is the information gateway for their micro-inverters. The unit collects module performance data from each individual micro-inverter and transfers this information to an internet database in real time, requiring only a single data and power cable. Through the APsystems EMA software, the APsystems ECU gives you precise analysis of each micro-inverter and module in your solar installation from any web-connected device. The APsystems ECU’s integrated HTTP web server offers the simplest and most flexible network integration of any data logger on the market. The user-friendly browser-based interface lets you access your solar array in seconds.

APsystems is the no.2 worldwide in micro-inverter sales! Their micro-inverters have gained a reputation as extremely reliable, and because no expensive trunk cable is needed, the overall system cost is lower than with other micro-inverter brands.


  • Collects individual module and micro-inverter statistics
  • Real-time communication!
  • No additional wiring required, communicates with the micro-inverters over powerline
  • Can communicate with the Internet via WiFi or Ethernet
  • PLC or ZigBee communication
  • Warranty of 3 years




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