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EPSolar – EPEver CC-USB-RS485-150U


EPSolar – EPEver CC-USB-RS485-150U, communications cable for PC, for XTRA, Tracer BN, or A charge controllers

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The EP Solar – EPEver CC-USB-RS485-150U USB to RS-485 converter is used to monitor a charge controller on a PC using the Solar Station software. The length of cable is 1.5m. The CC-USB-RS485-150U connects to the RS-485 Port on the controller (the RJ45 plug found on the XTRA, Tracer, BN, and A series charge controllers).

The CC-USB-RS485-150U is only suitable for EPEver/EPSolar brand of solar charge controller (and possibly some rebranded clones such as Renogy), it will not work for others brand controllers.





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